The Skin Post.

I’ve been blessed with good skin this far in life. It’s a side effect of my genetic disorder, and it’s the only acceptable symptom of it. I have zero acne, my pores are minimal, my skin is constantly baby soft. If you ignore the easy bruising, skin tearing, and the horrific scarring from even the slightest touch, then you’d think I was pretty lucky.

However, I want to keep my skin healthy. Several of my friends and family members have had skin cancer removed, and I have had a few bad sunburns to my name. Skin tearing and scarring have affected my skin, and I have some pretty rough looking under-eye bags. Since I’ve recently entered my twenties (okay, almost two years ago, but shh), I’ve been trying to take better care of my skin. Here’s what I have learned.


1. Use Sunscreen.

Whether it’s a primer, BB cream, moisturizer, or foundation, I make sure I never leave the house without some sunscreen on my face. In the summer, I generally use a BB cream with at least SPF 30. In the winter, I can knock it down to an SPF 15, but it depends on your climate and weather. Even if you’re just running a few quick errands, it’s really better safe than sorry when it comes to your skin and the sun.

2. Wash Your Face (And Moisturize).

I admit, I didn’t do this when I was a teen. It wasn’t until I went off to college that I got in the habit of washing my face regularly. This is the one area of my beauty regimen where I will really shell out, other than my hair. Using a better face wash and moisturizer regularly can really make the difference, especially during seasonal changes when your skin can get dry. I really like Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar moisturizer, and it’s what I use regularly. I also use an intense moisturizer on my scars and stretchmarks to keep them from tearing, but that’s probably not necessary for most people. Find something you like, and stick to it.

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3. Eat and Drink Well!

I’m probably not the best person to talk about this, because I definitely had gluten-free macaroni with bacon and extra cheese for lunch today. But, I drink a lot of water- thanks POTS- and I’ve definitely noticed that my skin looks better when I keep my liquid intake up. Water is great for your skin, but it can be hard to drink enough, so eating lots of fresh fruit and veggies can get water AND vitamins in you. It’s a win-win, especially while it’s still produce season. I love getting food from local farmer’s markets, especially meats, because I’m less likely to break out in weird dermatitis from preservatives or chemicals.

There’s a million more skincare tips out there, but these three are the basis. What’s your go-to skin routine?