Rue 21 Mini Haul

I had some rueBucks this past week that needed to be spent. I’ve already talked about how much I love Joggers, so is it any wonder that I took the opportunity to get $20 off $40 and buy some cute ones? Here’s what I got.


These are the orange tribal chevron Joggers and the black and grey chevron Joggers. They’re both made of a thin terrycloth material, much like a beach cover up. When I tried them on, they were both comfy, and not too warm. They’ll be perfect for fall!

I’m still trying to figure out exactly how to style these, so I should probably stop buying Joggers until I figure out how I’m going to wear them. Other than that dilemma, the only thing I don’t like is that I’m currently I between sizes at Rue21. I ordered an XL but probably could have gone with a L instead. It seems like at Rue 21 and Forever 21, every single pair of pants fits differently. If I weren’t so into online shopping, I would try on every single thing I bought from Rue.


Joggers are starting at $16.99 for both girls and guys right now, so they’re a great price compared to other places with similar items. Forever 21 has a few pairs starting at $13, but they’re thinner than the ones I got from Rue and show some serious panty lines!


Are you loving or hating the jogger trend this year? How are you styling your Joggers?


Two Piece Separates: The Trend.

I had always been skeptical of the two-piece dress, which felt very eighties, even as it rotated back into style. Would it make me look like a Cyndi Lauper wanna-be? Would I look like a toddler wearing one of those matching top and bottom sets that look great on little kids, but decidedly childish on adults who try to pull it off?

A sale at Rue 21 and a cute anchor print convinced me to give the trend a try. After all, with my Rue Bucks, I would be be spending next to nothing. If all else failed, I could return it for something that didn’t make me look like an overgrown toddler.

When my order arrived, the two piece dress was the first thing I tried on. And I loved it. Not only did they look great together, I could wear the top and bottom with other pieces, which expanded my wardrobe a lot- and for less than $10, once I factored in my discount!

Top and Bottom

Ignore my puffy face- I was dealing with some serious issues with my steroids at that moment in time. This is the outfit all together. It was cute, casual, and perfect for trekking around downtown Atlanta, where everyone and their mother seems to be more stylish than you ever could dream of being.

Husband and Wife

Back at the hotel, I was going for something a little more casual. The top and bottom together are undeniably cute, but it seems a but trendy for lounging around a Wyndham. Since it still was a little warm to pull on a pair of denim anything, I opted to pair my high-waited skater skirt with a mint tee shirt from Forever 21. The look was still cute, but it was laid-back enough to lounge on the poolside couches or grab a quick dinner at the onsite restaurant. Actually, I wore this outfit for several outings, including the time we took a golfcart through the McDonald’s drivethru window. Apparently this is a normal occurrence in Peachtree City, which has 90 miles of golf cart trails, but it was a new and exciting experience for my family and the rest of the people on the trip with us!

Fourth of July

As for the crop top? It went well with my high-waisted shorts and American flag shoes for the Fourth of July. I wore this outfit for a family cookout, as well as seeing fireworks at the local amusement park. The flower crown was actually used in place of a veil at my wedding, but I didn’t want to stop using it after that. The flower crown has been finding its way into a good number of outfits since then!

How do you feel about the two piece trend? Love it? Hate it? Don’t know how to wear it?

I’m not sure if I’m firmly in the love it category, but after these pieces, I’ll definitely be giving it a chance!