Friday Five

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for me to gush about my favorite things of the week again! This week I’m excited, because I have a lot to talk about with you guys.

1. Covergirl Foundations

I have tried a lot of foundations. From high end to drugstore, they all work for a while, then irritate my skin to no end. We’re not talking acne here. We’re talking full on rashes, hives, and horrible itching. This is generally considered “not good” by the majority of the population, so that leaves me with skin that looks funky and no way to cover it.


Enter my three new best friends in the makeup world. Covergirl NatureLuxe liquid foundation in 305, and Covergirl Sensitive Skin powder and liquid foundation in 210 (powder) and 205 (liquid).

I’m not sure why my face color varies so widely in these three foundations, especially two of them seem like they should be identical, but I really don’t care. These aren’t breaking me out, they look flawless, and they’re cheap too! Seriously, nothing better.

2. Beet Salad

I’ve talked about this before, but I’ve fallen even more in love with this, if that’s possible. Each week I get to pick out one “treat” at the grocery store. This week I picked out a pint of local beet salad!


Goat cheese, mandarin oranges, and local root veggies. What could be better? Well, not eating all of it at once and freaking out that your pee turns neon pink, probably. (Am I allowed to talk about that on a blog? Well, I just did.) Other than the unfortunate side effects of consuming large amounts of these bright veggies, this has probably been the highlight of my week.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar.

Great for digestion. Great for your skin. Apparently great in fresh juices with a little bit of ginger, too. Need I say more?


(Speaking of juice, I just found out that my watermelon juice habit is actually good for me. Watermelon has a ton of iron, which is great because I am always lacking iron. Plus it’s pretty, too!)


4. NYX matte lipstick in “Nude.”

I’m almost ashamed to admit is, as someone who talks about makeup as much as I do. Out of all the fabulous lipsticks I have collected over the years, I did not previously own a true nude.


I cleaned out my makeup drawer earlier this week, which meant a lot of swatching and a lot of “keep or ditch” conversations with friends. During my total overhaul of my lipstick collection, I noticed that I had a ton of fun winter colors, but nothing to transition into fall! I had to fix this.

So I am now the proud owner of Nyx’s “Nude” matte lipstick. I’ve worn it twice since I got it this week and I’ve gotta say, it’s fantastic.


5. Desserts.

Okay, this is a broad category, but let’s be real. When I was little, sweets were the last thing I wanted out of a meal. Now? This is my first time admitting it, but I love sweets. Macarons, cheesecake, frozen hot chocolate, I love it all. Which is why it made my week when my husband surprised me with this treat:


Yep, you’re seeing this right! Frozen hot chocolate from a local chocolatier, and macarons that combined two of my favorite things- dessert and Earl Grey! Do I have the best husband or what?

So what are you loving this week?


Simple Make-up Look

I don’t do make-up every day, partly because I work from home and seriously, my dog is not impressed with a full face of makeup and some beautifully curled hair. But recently, I went to a dinner celebrating my best friend returning home from a college trip to Mexico, and I wanted to look a little special.

Here I am pre-makeup!


Not too bad, not too bad, but nothing special. So let’s see after.


Much more appropriate for the occasion! For this simple look, I used a beauty blender to apply elf mineral primer, then elf BB cream. Then I tightlined half of my upper lids with NYX very black eyeliner pencil. I used Billion Dollar Brows brow pencil in brown and clear brow gel on my brows. Then, I swept elf baked highlighter in blush gems in a figure 8 motion around my eyes.

After that, all I did was apply some elf baked blush in peachy cheeky to the apples of my cheeks and top the look off with Covergirl Bombshell Curvaceous Mascara in Very Black. I’m in love with this mascara, guys. It has mixed reviews but personally I use it almost daily!

So that’s all for my simple, casual makeup look. What do you use for a casual dinner out?

Product Recommendation: Covergirl Bombshell Volume Mascara

In my Surfs Up VoxBox, I received a full-size Covergirl Bombshell Volume Mascara. After reading the reviews for it, I promptly put it up and didn’t pull it back out. That is, until I ran out of mascara and I was due to go out with my friends. I didn’t have enough time to go out and buy mascara, and sharing mascara is always a no-no, especially if you’ve had as many eye infections as I have.

So, sighing, I pulled out the Covergirl Bombshell Volume Mascara and followed the instructions. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

My eyelashes looked fantastic. I’m sure the mascara wouldn’t work for everyone, but for my long but somewhat sparse lashes, it was pretty great.


Here’s an up-close. It’s normally not that clumped, but my eyes have been watering pretty bad today from some seasonal allergies. But seriously, I’d been wearing that mascara for at least six hours, my eyes had been watering, and it’s still that long and dark? That’s pretty much a win for me.

Now, the mascara does have two steps, and I’ll admit that I’m sometimes too lazy for that. When that’s the case, or when I want a natural look, I reach for my Covergirl Clump Crusher. But sometimes, you just gotta go for those bold lashes!

When I run out of this mascara, or have to toss it, whichever comes first, I’ll definitely be buying more. I think I’ve finally found something I’m adding to my permanent rotation!

The Search for the Best BB Cream.

So, I spend a lot of time outside. On my back porch, in my hammock, at my grandpa’s farm, as long as the weather’s nice, I can be found outside basking in the sun. Unfortunately, the sun does not love me like I love it, and skin cancer runs in my family. Between that and a super-sensitive surgery scar on my neck, I’m always trying to find the best products to keep my relationship with the sun in balance.

Image The area I’m most concerned about getting burnt is my face. And yeah, I could put on sunscreen, then put foundation on over it- but that’s a lot of junk on your face when it’s 88 degrees and 80% humidity. There’s nothing worse than getting your makeup done for the day, then walking out side and looking like the melting witch from The Wizard of Oz. 

Last summer, I discovered tinted moisturizers and BB creams. While many BB creams are indistinguishable from tinted moisturizers- and they both work great for your everyday summer look, some BB creams actually deliver on the supposed benefits they offer. This summer, I’m on the hunt for the best tinted moisturizer and the best BB cream. After finishing up a tube of Covergirls AquaSmoothers BB Cream, which worked decently- very light coverage, great when applied with a Beauty Blender, but basically a tinter moisturizer:

 I have decided to branch out. This week, I ordered a trio of Stila Beauty Balm samples. I have several Stila products that I swear by, so these seemed like a great investment. Especially since they were on sale! Of course, since I order from Ulta, they came with three free samples: Biolage Matrix Exquisite Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, which is the best thing to ever happen to my hair, an Argan Oil hair treatment, and a strange shiny purple lipstick. I was really not expecting the last one- I tried it on and it goes on very sheer but definitely purple. Kind of a “Jack in the water while the Titanic is sinking” chic, I guess. 

Image The Stila Beauty Balms are: Original, Illuminating, and Bronzing. I haven’t tried them out yet, because I can’t move my head or neck very well after my recent car wreck. However, I know that they are very thick and lightly tinted, so I plan to apply them with the beauty blender or maybe a brush- although if they are thick enough to need a brush, they probably won’t be on my list of things to order again. 

The Beauty Balms are all spf 30, which is fantastic for someone like me! They have a very mild makeup smell, which is totally tolerable. The sample size is perfect to try for a few days and see which one you like best of the Trio. I will definitely be updating you guys later about my impressions once I get to use the products!

Do you use BB Creams or tinter moisturizer in the summer, or do you stick to foundation? What’s the best BB cream or tinter moisturizer you have found?