Tea Time!

I love tea. I think it started out as a Southern thing, because I was raised on tea sweeter than hummingbird spit. However, when I moved out if the south for college, I had to develop a taste for other kinds of tea to get my fix. Unsweet tea, herbal tea, earl grey, it doesn’t matter. I love tea. However, in the summer, which seems to last five or six months in my part of the country, I can’t deal with hot water. Boiling things on the stove is a sure way to make me pass out, and tea never tastes right if I microwave the water.


As you know, I’m a little obsessed with my Keurig lately. But I’m about to show you why. There was an amazon sale on a K-cup variety pack, and since my husband and I both drink hot tea and coffee drinks several times a day, we splurged. It wound up costing us 66 cents per drink, which is better than what the husband was spending on coffee and tea drinks at gas stations when he had to rush out the door in the mornings.


What I like about the variety pack is that we have got to try a lot of drinks we wouldn’t have otherwise ordered. One of the herbal teas I originally scoffed at has turned out to be my new favorite drink! Meanwhile, J likes to wind down at night with a cup of hot apple cider.


If you’re feeling uninspired by your usual coffee drinks, I highly recommend checking Amazon for Keurig sampler packs. Not only are they a lot cheaper than in stores, I’ve found a lot of drinks that aren’t available around here.

The teas we picked out were eligible for Prime so we got them delivered in two days, for free, which was another great bonus.

Plus, if you shop through Amazon Smile, your k cup obsession can help the charity of your choice at no cost to you! Our contribution goes to the Blind Cat Rescue Society, but there’s a variety of charities to support.

So, for me, it’s tea time! And for a blind cat, hopefully my purchase is providing a bit of a better life.