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Heads up, guys! A Southern Celiac is growing! I now have my own Facebook page, here! Check it out and support me as I continue to improve my blog and share my story!


On the Facebook page there will be tips, posts, and positivity exclusive to the Facebook page, so check it out if you’re interested. Thanks for the support so far!



This week, I found out I’m going to be spending even more time at home, at least for a while. Couple that with my best friend headed off on a three week college trip, and that leaves me BORED. What’s a girl to do?

Well, other than blog from her new iPhone 5s- it’s so nice!- she can also rediscover some of her old hobbies. So I did what anyone else would do and bought some acrylic and some canvases!

I haven’t painted in several years, so it’s like getting back into art for the first time. However, I’m loving it! It takes a lot of time, so there’s no risk of me getting bored. Plus it’s fun!



I’m no Monet, yet, but maybe with some practice…

F.A.S.T.- First Aid Shot Therapy (Surfs Up VoxBox)

Okay, so people that know me understand my loathing for NSAIDs. Not because I’m all-natural and want to keep my body healthy (because that’s not possible anyway), but because they don’t work. I will seriously pop six ibuprofen for a headache, because anything less isn’t going to cut it. So when I got the FAST first aid “shot” in my VoxBox, I didn’t think too much of it. Yeah, getting free first aid supplies is pretty cool, especially for a sick chick like me. But I had my doubts about it working. I even considered giving it to my husband.

I wound up getting pain before my husband did, of course. So after trying ibuprofen, waiting four hours, trying Aleve, and waiting six hours, I was fed up. In a moment of utter frustration, I grabbed the FAST shot from my bedside table and took it. Surprisingly, the berry flavor was light and pleasant. Even more surprisingly? It actually worked!

The secret, I think, lies in the NSAID chosen for FAST. It’s not very common, so people like me haven’t quite developed a tolerance yet. The other secret, of course, lies in the fact that FAST is a liquid. This makes it easier and faster for your body to start working with.

Overall? Well, I wish I had gotten a photo, because this blog post is boring. But besides that, I’ve ordered several more of these for when my headaches get out of control but not migraine-awful. I wish I had it the other day after my ill-fated canoe trip!

Have you tried FAST? What did you think?

[I got this item for free in my VoxBox, but all opinions are my own.]

Nickajack Lake

Yesterday, I got the chance to do something I haven’t done in a long time. A good friend invited a group of friends to spend the weekend at his river house on the Tennessee River near Nickajack Lake. Unfortunately, there were some problems with the boat- which was probably good for me, as I would have been tempted to tube and I don’t think my joints are up for that, especially after my visit to the Jump Park last week. However, I did agree to take the canoe out with my best friend and the help of midodrine.  We were out for two hours, canoeing to and back from Nickajack Lake. There weren’t many boaters out, so the river was peaceful and we had plenty of room to explore. We found eagles’s nests, snapping turtles, two islands to explore, and a cove to take some beautiful photos in. If you are ever in the area and want a relaxing canoe or kayak adventure,  the river around Nickajack is beautiful.


See the view from our canoe? Stunning, right?  What have you been up to this summer? Have you gotten to enjoy nature?


So, I got married last Saturday! We don’t have the professional pictures back yet, but the few photos that have trickled in so far have been awesome. It was a very low key event- everyone there was involved in the wedding in some way. Our venue was a historic barn located on my uncle’s property, built by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression! We held the actual wedding ceremony in front of the barn, the reception upstairs in the huge hayloft, and had a small downstairs reception for those who couldn’t make it up into the loft.

Everyone was asking about the officiate, who lightened the mood with some jokes and seriously won over everyone (even the cranky relatives who managed to make the final cut of invitees). He was actually my counselor, which was hard to explain to the people who didn’t know I have to attend counseling to receive ADHD medicine. It was even harder to explain to the few relatives that don’t know I have ADHD.

As soon as I get professional pictures, I am going to make a full post about the wedding, because it was beautiful. But since I disappeared on here for a month, I thought you guys might like to hear about what’s going on!



Getting Married!

Getting Married!

Wondering where I’ve been? I’m getting married on June 7, so these last few weeks leading up to the wedding are incredibly busy. We decided to DIY most of the décor, and I’m still wrangling bridesmaids and groomsmen into their last minute duties.

Luckily, I have finally found a bb cream that works: Maybelline Dream Fresh BB. Since the wedding will be in the heat of a Southern summer, foundation would be a bit much. This BB cream just smooths out flaws without being too heavy. Plus it’s SPF 30, which means no sunburn on the big day!

Now all we have to do is keep me drinking lots of water so I don’t wind up with a last minute, stress induced POTS flare. I am tempting my EDS and ankle instability with my tiny heels, but it’s my big day! I have to look good, right?