A Tale of Two Kitties

We had three cats. That was a good number for us. They were all bonded, they loved each other, and they were okay with the dogs. We weren’t looking for any more cats. And then we got the phone call.


A friend of my husband had a conundrum. Someone had dumped a crate of cats outside his apartment and could we please take them? The mama cat had ran away when they opened the crate, and they could keep one kitten, but that left three little homeless kittens who were definitely not going to our local kill shelter.

We agreed we would take them for a short while. We found a home for one right away, but the other two lingered on.


When our cat, Fuzzy, died suddenly, that was that. These kittens were staying. We renovated the attached garage as a cat haven and they moved in.


Around the same time, a stray we had been feeding was injured. We took him in, nursed him back to health, and got him neutered. So he moved in too.


Now, we have a thriving household of five cats. It’s amazing how different all their personalities are! Spunky Charlie, loving Echo, destructive Monster, aloof Jupiter, and lazy Zeeba. We love them all, but with Fuzzy gone, it’s hard to pick a favorite.

I’m hoping that with time one of the kittens grows on me!


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