Working from Home with ADHD

ADHD is a really misunderstood problem, especially to the average layperson. I get told a lot “but you aren’t hyper,” which is funny, because most people with ADHD aren’t bouncing off the walls. However, I always seem to be restless, I move my feet and hands constantly, and when I’m presented with too many choices or tasks, I shut down completely. Seriously. Recently, I had to call my husband because I had too many options for my Keurig.

So, working from home works well for most of my chronic illnesses, for reasons like “I don’t have to stand up and pass out when my POTS is flaring.” But balancing working at home with my ADHD? That’s been an adventure.


The first thing that I did when I started working from home was download a planner. Some people use Google Calendars, some people use a written planner, and some people use an alarm and reminders on their phone. I use Planner Plus, and it works for me.


More importantly than planning, I’ve found that setting a routine is important for me. I have to do the same thing at the same time every day, or I can’t get my mind into work. I change into some comfy clothes that aren’t pajamas, set up my work space, brew a cup of tea or cocoa in my Keurig, and sit down to work. If I’m out of tea or cocoa, it’s hard for me to get in the zone. I guess I’ve trained myself pretty well!

Since getting a routine and planner, it’s become so much easier to work from home. I no longer find myself idly playing Tetris or browsing Tumblr when I should be doing anything other than that. However, if anything gets me out of the zone, I can’t get back in unless I brew myself another cup of tea or cocoa! I think I need to work on that…


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