ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

One thing any illness needs is awareness. We’re all pretty aware of various cancers now, and for good reason. Millions of people have cancer, and there are some really good awareness campaigns out there. (There are some not so good ones out there too but let’s focus on the good for this post.)

You know about pink for breast cancer. Red for heart disease. You might even have heard about butterflies for lupus. But when was the last time, before the Ice Bucket Challenge, that you heard about ALS?

ALS is more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. It’s a neurodegenerative disease that affects the spinal cord and brain. As the disease progresses, people with ALS lose muscle control, eventually becoming entirely paralyzed. The only end in sight for the disease is death, as there is currently no cure.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is working to change that! By making people aware of the disease using videos you want to watch- I have seem some funny challenges, some heartbreaking challenges, and some just plain weird challenges- and encouraging donations, the Ice Bucket Challenge is providing a lot of press and money for ALS. Donations are at an all time high!


This is fantastic, and as someone else with a chronic illness, I wish the charity continued luck and donations. In fact, my husband was recently challenged! We didn’t have $100 dollars, the amount you should donate if you refuse the challenge, so he dumped ice water on himself and we made a smaller donation.


Are you taking the challenge? Are you donating?

I personally can’t take the challenge, as temperature changes like pouring ice water on myself tend to make me pass out, but I would love to see more of my family and friends donating and raising awareness!


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