Friday Five

Okay, so I’ve decided to make this a regular thing. Friday is officially the time for me to make a list of the top five things I’m loving this week. Not only does this hopefully help you discover new things to try and love, it provides me with a reference when I’m looking back and thinking “so what WAS that mascara that I used to buy?” Yeah, it’s perfect, especially for Friday, which is a day for me to be lazy with blogging and spend time with friends anyway. So without further ado, let’s check out this week’s five!

1. Blueprint Juice.


I’m nowhere near ready for one of the cleanses they offer, but if I missed a meal in a pinch or my digestion is feeling a little off, these juices are my go-to. Although I one day want to own my own juicer, these juices saved the day when I got glutened in St. Louis by someone not washing their hands after touching bread!

They’re also perfect for adding more fruit into my diet, because I hate the texture of fruit but usually love the taste. So, juices all day everyday!

2. Back to School Sales.

I’ve snagged so many great things at back to school sales the past month. Two pair of cropped pants on clearance because the weather was getting cold in St. Louis, three pairs of Joggers, a black dress, some grey flats, and a cute tank top. Not only can they be used next year, but warm socks and tall boots help the cropped pants make the transition from summer to fall!


Yes, that picture of me with a dog is the best way to show off the cropped pants and flats. Don’t question it.

3. Gold eyeliner.

Seriously, lined lids are so in this season. I’m loving gold and other metallics for this look. NYC and Urban Decay both sell some pretty gold liners, so check them out if that sounds like something you’re into! Lined lids are an easy way to change up your look and can be classy or casual so it’s definitely worth a try this season.

4. Short hair.

I’ve been loving this for a long time, but after YouTube and Pinterest showed me some new ways to style my hair, I fell in love with it all over again. Yeah, I’m still waiting for it to grow out, but at least now I’m having fun doing it. Seriously, straight, curly, wavy, I feel like my hair can do no wrong! Especially now that I’ve splurged for a daily clarifying shampoo and some It’s A 10 styling products!


5. Casual Walks.

I was really into hiking this summer, but it does NOT agree with my chronic illnesses. Instead, I’ve found that taking casual low key walks is a great way to de-stress while also exploring your area! Sticking to walking trails can make it easier on you, since there’s no steep uphills or weird terrain. I like walking with friends because it’s a great way to catch up while enjoying the beautiful weather, without the pressure of some other outdoor activities!


So what are you loving this week?


4 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. amandaripsam says:

    I’m loving reading your blog post. The Friday five is a great idea. Oh the juicing thing while I do soups smoothies and mush for my diet for my own illness and after your first month straight on smoothies and juicing you will want nothing more then a rack of baby back ribs or a stake. Mmm stake. Any who I love bolthouse farms green goodness smoothie you gotta try it because it’s a great tasting way to get some veggies and fruit into your body. I also found a women’s formula pristine powder that dosent have whay protine in it. I love influencer they send amazing boxes to try products out in one of them I discovered sinful nail polish it applies beautifully and leave a shine with out a top coat needed pigment are great choices. I have those same flats 🙂

    • I’ve been on a liquid diet before and afterwards I was definitely craving some real food! I always crave hamburgers but I can rarely eat them. I haven’t tried the green smoothies from BoltHouse Farms but I really like their carrot juice. Next time I am at the grocery I will see if they have the green goodness smoothie! I got an Influenster box with Sinful Colors nail polish too! Mine was blue but I saw someone get coral, I wish I had gotten coral!

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