Sweet Art, St. Louis.

We’re on a surprise trip to St. Louis for a family emergency. Although the reason for our trip is sad, we are trying to find joy in being with family and close friends. We have also taken this opportunity to share a few of our favorite places and their food with the family.

In an effort to cheer everyone up, we picked up some miniature gluten free cupcakes from Sweet Art St. Louis. It worked- as much as possible anyway.


Sweet Art is one of the only places I’ve ever had gluten free cupcakes from that I have actually enjoyed. Today’s flavor was “Tickled Pink,” which appears to be vanilla cake with a pink icing.

No one could tell it’s not a normal cupcake, which was a great thing in the family’s book.

Sadly, we didn’t get to try any of the entrees from Sweet Art, although my husband tried a scone and said it was delicious.

All in all, if you’re gluten free in St. Louis, this place is worth checking out!


3 thoughts on “Sweet Art, St. Louis.

      • bahahaha!! Yes!!!! I don’t know if I am gluten intolerant or not but I had hoped to do the whole week long trial dealio and see how it goes but so much of it was gross! lol I must’ve tried the wrong things. I did, however, love the rice pastas and things 🙂

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