Friday Five:

This week has been weird, weird, and busy. Thanks to starting Cymbalta, I’ve been sleepy and tired and not really up for much. So I apologize for the lack of posts and the lack of inspiration. Once again, here’s my Friday Five, with five things I loved this week.

1. Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Line.

I’m not really a fan of bath products, usually. As long as my hair looks good and my skin looks fine, I don’t care what I’m putting on them. However, this stuff has totally changed my mind. Full of fresh scents and some seriously great products, this is the bath product line I’ve been waiting for. I’m never going back to my old drugstore soaps and shampoos.

2. Vanilla Coke.


This is one of those things I know I should quit but I never will. The caffeine really doesn’t do much for me, which is sad as I’m currently fighting to keep my eyes open after even the smallest exertion. The taste, however, is awesome. It’s a small treat in a world where all of my favorite foods were taken away from in one fell swoop with my celiac diagnosis several years ago.

3. Tom’s of Maine.

From gluten free deodorant to some seriously awesome toothpaste, I’m loving Tom’s of Maine. My last deodorant was giving me rashes from gluten I didn’t suspect, so finding something all natural and gluten free to take its place was awesome. The deodorant comes in several awesome scents and the toothpaste doesn’t taste as bad as most do. Seriously am I the only one who thinks normal toothpaste tastes like chemicals?

4. Beach Waves!


I thought I couldn’t rock this look because I have short hair. Which doesn’t make sense, because my hair is naturally curly. With a bottle of Not Your Mother’s beach wave spray and a Pinterest tutorial for putting summery waves in short hair, I set out on a hair journey that would change my life hair forever.

Seriously, I got a good two days out of this hair before I had to do anything to it. I had the help of Not Your Mother’s beach wave spray, Got2B styling gel, and some Batiste dry shampoo. Ignore the fact that I’m not wearing makeup in the photo- I had an allergic reaction to something and had to give my face a break.

5. Basil.

Yeah, another food item. But a very appropriate one for August! From basil infused herb lemonade to some pasta salad with fresh from the garden veggies, basil is so versatile! I’m loving it in Caprese salads and infused waters especially.


2 thoughts on “Friday Five:

  1. Oh the cymbalta sleeps! I could hardly keep my eyes open for at least the first 2 weeks. I hope it gets better and works for you! As far as the coke goes it is my vice as well, after being diagnosed with CD I lost so much I have a few things I really dont wanna give up.

    • I’m still in the “don’t operate heavy machinery” level of sleepy, but luckily I’m actually able to keep my eyes open now. It was rough for a while! And yes! CD took away ALL my favorite foods at once so now I cling tightly to what I have left. Vanilla coke and sweet potato fries don’t entirely make up for no decent pizza, but I’ll take it…

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