Sick Girl Chic

Guess who drove three hours to get a prescription for Cymbalta and a referral to a genetics clinic?? This girl!


Luckily, a genetics clinic is exactly what I need so I’m not actually all that upset. Plus I got to spend some quality time on the road with my dad, who I don’t see very much anymore. Which is sad because he’s awesome.


Other than all the medical stuff that went down yesterday, I decided to wear my hair curly. My hair is naturally wavy and is actually a pain to straighten, but since straight hair is generally in style, that’s what I do.

However, I knew I would be on the go all day and I didn’t really want any kind of high maintenance hairstyle. So I used a 1″ flat iron to curl my naturally voluminous hair and then ran some gel through it before sleeping on it.

The result was some pretty cute girls. I think I’m rocking the sick girl chic, don’t you?

Stretchy tee shirt so my skin isn’t irritated. Unbuttoned flannel because doctors offices are cold. Begging style shorts are both cute and comfy. Minimal makeup screams “I woke up like this,” because I practically did.

What’s your lazy day look?


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