Friday Five:

My original plan was to review some makeup today, but it was a hectic week so plans have changed. Instead, here’s the top five things I’m loving this week!

1. Oyster Unlimited Books App

If your library allows you to check out ebooks, you’re lucky. If not, this app is the next best thing. CNN called it “The Netflix of Books,” and that’s pretty accurate. I’m also subscribed to Scribd Unlimited, but Oyster is much more user friendly and I love the layout.


2. Gold Eyeshadow

Especially rose gold, but plain ol’ gold works too. My e.l.f. baked palette in Texas and my BH Cosmetics palette both have several shimmery golden shades in them. I love working a little bit of gold into a brown eye look- especially a brown “smokey” eye. (Can it really be a smokey eye if it’s not black and grey?)

3. Antique Glassware

From mason jars to mismatched table settings, thrift shopping is all the rage. The vintage, recycled, somewhat careless look is in. This week, for a picnic, I didn’t have to head out to a thrift store. All I had to do was dig through my grandpa’s cabinets. He may be a bit of a hoarder, but at least 1/10 of what he’s stowed away is cool. Guess he was onto something after all.


4. The Weather (And the clothes for it.)

This only counts for a list like this because the cooler weather is expanding my style options. Low seventies, upper sixties? High waisted shorts, and old tank top, and an oversized sweatshirt pair nicely with some Tevas or Chacos. It’s casual, it’s comfy, and it’s totally on trend. Side note: isn’t this sweatshirt pattern cute?


5. Jazzed up Macaroni

I’ve been eating a lot of Aldi brand gluten free macaroni. It’s good, it’s easy to make, and apparently it gets boring fast. Now I’m all about adding things into my macaroni, which makes it more like a meal anyway. Steamed broccoli and bacon bits or greens with bacon cheddar brats are two of my favorite combos right now. I’m going to try a baked macaroni recipe soon.


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