High Museum of Art, Atlanta

Recently, we had a chance to go to the High Museum of Art and see the “Dream Cars” special exhibit. The Dream Cars exhibit was really cool, featuring some of the best- and weirdest- concept cars ever created. We got to see a French car with a name that translates to “The Electric Egg,” which was the prototype of the modern Smart Car. Even for a non-car-buff person like myself, seeing a car made of a fabric, a car that looked like a missile, and a Buick that actually looked like something that someone who wasn’t old would drive- that was a pretty cool experience.


However, the Dream Cars exhibit wasn’t the only cool thing at The High. My mom, a traditional art fan, was excited to see some famous works she had only ever seen in Art History books. She spent a good fifteen minutes admiring a Monet, while I snuck off into the Modern and Folk art section of the museum.

Electric Egg

Mom and I don’t make a good art museum pair, because she scoffs at modern art and I think traditional art is boring. However, at the High, there’s enough of both types of art that neither of us get bored. We can spend time checking out whatever we want, then meet up back in the lobby to see what’s going on out on the courtyard.

When we visited the High (and until November, if you want to check it out!) there was a really cool, interactive, free exhibit happening in the courtyard in front of the museum. It’s called “Mi Casa, Your Casa,” and is based on houses and the home. The courtyard is filled with red house frames, from which hammocks, swings, and other things dangle. Doors to nowhere stand in the middle of some houses. Some stand empty, beckoning to the performance artists and musicians who play for the kids and parents playing in the exhibit. At night, Mi Casa, Your Casa becomes a venue for artists and performers sponsored by the High. The High Museum of Art takes pride in helping Atlanta continue to be seen as the cultural capital of the Southeast.

I’m a big kid at heart, so Mi Casa, Your Casa was the highlight of my art museum trip. I joined the kids (and kids at heart) who were taking a break from city life in the brilliant red hammocks poised in front of the museum entrance.

Mi Casa Your Casa

As you can see, I wasn’t about to leave my perch. Unless, of course, someone else wanted to use it. After all, one of the “house rules” at Mi Casa, Your Casa is to share!

Unfortunately, I didn’t wind up ceding my prime position because a little kid wanted their own turn. It wasn’t crowded, but it was raining. Sprinkles turned into a downpour, and we raced for the car. Mom and the husband were happy to have an excuse to get me to leave, I’m sure, because we had a two hour drive home.

I plan to visit the High again before the Mi Casa, Your Casa exhibit ends. I’ll probably also check out the Dream Cars exhibit again, if it’s still there when I go. Maybe I’ll even take time to look at that Monet I had to write a paper about in my sophomore year of high school. Or maybe not.



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