Less Than Glamorous.

Time for another Mostly Wordless Wednesday! Today’s photo is me, sitting in bed, using my TENS machine. Although I’m sometimes a beauty blogger, a lot of the makeup I do is to hide the fact that I constantly look tired. The whole tired thing is, of course, a side effect of being chronically ill. It’s hard to sleep when your knees have dislocated earlier in the day and are now throbbing with even the lightest touch. If my knees could hover, it would be a perfect world.

Unfortunately, they can’t,  so a TENS unit is the next best thing. If you’re unfamiliar with it, a TENS unit uses electrical stimulation to stop your nerves from sending pain signals to your brain. That’s pretty cool technology, and it’s pretty helpful when you’re debating if taking another advil will definitely cause stomach ulcers, or just probably.


Many companies that make TENS units also make electric pulse massagers, which massage the muscle using electrical stimulation and reduce inflammation and prevent atrophy. A lot of chronically ill people, myself included, actually use both machines! They take a little getting used to, because the feeling of using them the first time can be pretty weird! After a while though, they’re fantastic. There are days I actually rush home to put my TENS unit on my legs!

Anyway- this has been a glance into the less glamorous side of my life. Stuff like this is what I’m doing when I’m not reviewing makeup or traveling to exotic locales, haha!


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