Signal Point, TN

I’m not really into exercise. Yeah, I’ve done it. I have PT exercises I do daily, I walk my dogs, and in my healthier days, I worked out at the college gym almost obsessively. I never enjoyed it, but I did enjoy spending time with my friends, watching political debates and listening to alt-rock as my feet pounded against the treadmill.

Now, with my ban from almost all things exercise, I have to find other ways to torture my body into staying fit. Walking and hiking are two of the only ways I can still exercise, as long as I wear my knee braces and listen to my body. My hiking partner has asthma, so we make a sickly but determined pair as we adventure through the trails within driving distance of our houses.

This weekend, we decided to hit up Signal Point, a popular destination on Signal Mountain, just outside downtown Chattanooga, TN.

Signal Point

Signal Point offers a variety of trails and overlooks. There’s a very accessible overlook right off the parking area, with excellent views of the Tennessee River. Then, there are several trails leading off from the parking lot, suitable for more experienced hikers. My friend and I took a thirty minute hike to the second overlook, then turned around and hiked back as we had dinner plans later that day.

The view is beautiful from the second overlook, and is a commonly photographed spot. If the trek back wasn’t almost entirely vertical in some spots, it would be a great place for staged professional photos.

If you’re outdoorsy, it might still be a great place for staged professional photos.

Hiking Partner

If you’re planning to visit Signal Point, be sure to pack plenty of water! We didn’t do this, and we regretted it. Signal Point is open from dawn to dusk.


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