(Sort of?) Wordless Wednesday

Okay, I know Wednesday is technically over in my time zone. However, I really wanted to show off these pictures! My husband, J, was not a tomato fan when we met. In fact, he ardently and passionately refused to eat tomatoes, mushrooms, and sour cream. Now, I’ve got him eating all three of those foods. But more than eating them! Justin’s first two heirloom tomatoes were ripe this week, and I’ve never seen him prouder.

Heirloom tomatoes, ripe from the vine.

Heirloom tomatoes, ripe from the vine.

 When we went shopping for tomato plants, we picked the Mr. Stripey heirloom strand, because of their size and their unique appearance. Unfortunately, we took these photos with a cellphone camera, so you can’t see how cool these tomatoes are. When ripe, they’re bright yellow with red stripes. They’re also huge! How huge, you ask?

Okay, I might have lied about this being wordless, and it being Wednesday, but I am really serious about these tomatoes. Just look at this sucker! (And the tomato he’s holding. Hah!)

Tomato size comparison.

Tomato size comparison.


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