F.A.S.T.- First Aid Shot Therapy (Surfs Up VoxBox)

Okay, so people that know me understand my loathing for NSAIDs. Not because I’m all-natural and want to keep my body healthy (because that’s not possible anyway), but because they don’t work. I will seriously pop six ibuprofen for a headache, because anything less isn’t going to cut it. So when I got the FAST first aid “shot” in my VoxBox, I didn’t think too much of it. Yeah, getting free first aid supplies is pretty cool, especially for a sick chick like me. But I had my doubts about it working. I even considered giving it to my husband.

I wound up getting pain before my husband did, of course. So after trying ibuprofen, waiting four hours, trying Aleve, and waiting six hours, I was fed up. In a moment of utter frustration, I grabbed the FAST shot from my bedside table and took it. Surprisingly, the berry flavor was light and pleasant. Even more surprisingly? It actually worked!

The secret, I think, lies in the NSAID chosen for FAST. It’s not very common, so people like me haven’t quite developed a tolerance yet. The other secret, of course, lies in the fact that FAST is a liquid. This makes it easier and faster for your body to start working with.

Overall? Well, I wish I had gotten a photo, because this blog post is boring. But besides that, I’ve ordered several more of these for when my headaches get out of control but not migraine-awful. I wish I had it the other day after my ill-fated canoe trip!

Have you tried FAST? What did you think?

[I got this item for free in my VoxBox, but all opinions are my own.]


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