Getting Married!

Getting Married!

Wondering where I’ve been? I’m getting married on June 7, so these last few weeks leading up to the wedding are incredibly busy. We decided to DIY most of the décor, and I’m still wrangling bridesmaids and groomsmen into their last minute duties.

Luckily, I have finally found a bb cream that works: Maybelline Dream Fresh BB. Since the wedding will be in the heat of a Southern summer, foundation would be a bit much. This BB cream just smooths out flaws without being too heavy. Plus it’s SPF 30, which means no sunburn on the big day!

Now all we have to do is keep me drinking lots of water so I don’t wind up with a last minute, stress induced POTS flare. I am tempting my EDS and ankle instability with my tiny heels, but it’s my big day! I have to look good, right?


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