Minnie’s First (Real) Walk

Today was the fiance’s off day. Usually on his off day, we load up the dogs for an adventure. They get a ride, a picnic, and a walk in a place they’ve never walked before. There were a couple of problems with this today: it’s storming, and our new foster dog, Minnie, still isn’t 100% sure what exactly she’s supposed to be doing on her end of the leash.



We still wanted to get some exercise for both us and the dogs, so we decided to leash them up and head out for a walk down the street. Since there are a lot of pets and kids in the area, the dogs would be getting all the smells and excitement of a normal walk, but without the chance of getting caught in the middle of a severe storm. I thought this would also be the perfect time to get pictures of Minnie for the adoption website, so potential adopters can see her in her natural habitat. It turns out that Minnie, unlike our last foster dog, is not photogenic. Minnie darted this way and that, making it impossible for my poor iPhone camera to focus in on her. Finally, I asked J to get down and take a photo with Minnie. It worked about as well as you can imagine. Minnie was delighted, giving J sloppy wet face kisses. J was less delighted, as he was suddenly covered in forty pounds of wet dog.

I was finally able to snap a picture of Minnie as she was distracted by someone else’s dogs, who started barking as we walked by.

Image Isn’t she pretty? Minnie is doing a lot better than she was at the shelter. We think she only needs a few more weeks before she’s ready for someone to give her a “furever home!” Hopefully by then she has realized that the leash is not for chewing.


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