A Dog and a Hike

After telling my friend about my plan to explore more of our own city, she decided to get in on the action too. After talking to some of her friends who are much more healthy and active than I am, she discovered a hiking spot we had never visited: Stringer’s Ridge. Stringer’s Ridge has been recently redone, and there are bike paths as well as hiking paths. We had some trouble finding the entrance, thanks to outdated directions that led us through a washed out path in an apartment complex. A little more driving, and we were in the right spot, ready to hike. 

There are many trails to choose from, both for biking and hiking, but we chose to take the “Cherokee” path, which is a nice easy incline on mainly asphalt and gravel. The “Cherokee” trail makes a loop, and offers access to a scenic overlook of downtown Chattanooga, which was perfect for a casual day hike. More serious outdoors enthusiasts can choose from various intensities and lengths of paths, including a six-mile trail. 

 Stringer’s Ridge invites a varied crowd, from college students to families to the outdoors enthusiast, and many people were walking their dogs on the paths. The parking lot was full when we arrived, which is always nice for two girls hiking alone. We reached the Overlook easily, and the view alone made Stringer’s Ridge worth a visit. The fact that it is the largest untouched area of nature in Chattanooga is another great reason to check it out.

Although we didn’t bring our dog this time, thanks to our foster dog being adopted today, my friend and I have decided to bring a dog next time and attempt one of the longer trails. The candidate for our next hike is a new foster dog named Minnie. She seems to have endless energy, unlike us, so we hope that she will motivate us to trek through the woods.

ImageAs you’re heading out the trailhead back to the parking lot at the easiest to find entrance, you will smell food. Amazing food. Mouth-watering food. That’s Nikki’s Drive-In, which is conveniently located right beside the entrance to the park for you to fill your post-hike protein needs. Since my celiac requires me to not partake of the food there, I beg you to have a hamburger in my honor.

Also: if anyone is attending the Nashville Gluten and Allergen Free Wellness Event tomorrow, April 26, I will be attending as a blogger! I would elaborate more, but my brain fog is requiring me to log off before my brain turns to complete mush.




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