Acworth, Georgia

Yesterday, my best friend and I decided to take a belated road trip for her birthday. We had purchased gift cards to our favorite restaurant, Henry’s Louisiana Grill, near Atlanta, Georgia. Although her birthday was three weeks ago, this was the first chance we got to use them. 

Henry’s Louisiana Grill is located in Acworth, Georgia. Acworth was voted All-American Town in 2010, and is known for the Acworth Art Festival. The small town contains many local restaurants, artisans, and historic sites, and is a great day trip- about an hour and a half from my location near the Tennessee border, and about thirty minutes outside Atlanta. There are several festivals to attend throughout the year, and as we saw yesterday, Lake Acworth is a great place for water recreation.



Everything in downtown Acworth is within walking distance of the public parking, which is free! Since my city switched to Republic Parking, anywhere with free public parking gets automatic consideration for my road trips. Beyond the main street, there is Lake Acworth, historic sites, and a really cool art studio and store that offers painting parties on reservation. 



One of my favorite things about Acworth is the look of the town. There are cobblestone sidewalks and roads, historic advertising on the sides of buildings, and there is always an interesting crowd. Yesterday, someone was having a wedding rehearsal dinner in one of the local restaurants, and little girls in flower-girl dresses kept popping by our car.

Image If you live within driving distance of Acworth, or are driving through Atlanta for any reason, Acworth is worth a stop. Get lost in the shops, eat at a local restaurant, and enjoy the Southern Hospitality!


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