Day Trip

Spring is in the air, and I can tell because my health is slowly changing for the better. Along with my new medications, I’m slowly getting back in the swing of things. For example, today I took a day trip to meet….

Isaiah Mustafa, the face of Old Spice! You know those commercials. Yes, you do. The “Look at your man. Now back to me. I’m on a horse” commercials! If you’ve ever wondered who that handsome man on a horse was, now you know. He’s traveling to six high schools around the country, teaching kids to “scent responsibly,” which is a bonus for us migraine sufferers, along with dismayed moms of teen boys everywhere. We all know that one kid who seems to bathe in his can of body spray. Isaiah is here to let you know that one “two second spray, delivered from six inches away from the body,” is plenty of body spray to last a whole day. But other than his product placements, Isaiah is a cool, down to earth guy who wants to make a positive impression on teenagers. How cool!



After we finished our interview with Isaiah, my mom and I hit up a couple of thrift stores in the Alpharetta area. My mom picked up some clothes for her trip to San Francisco in May (I know, I’m jealous too!) and I picked up two tee shirts and a cute pair of boots. This way, I am now prepared to look country cute for Riverbend this year- assuming my recent luck with my POTS holds up!



This summer is looking far more promising than last summer, both on the home front and the health front. Here’s hoping for more days like today!


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