Chronic Illness Book Club

It started out with a discussion. My friend and I got together to discuss what we had hated about Panic, and what we had liked about it. It turns out we had similar thoughts about what we hated- and they were thoughts our “healthy” friends just didn’t get. 

The discussion became a thought. What if there were a book club for chronically ill and disabled people? What if it were laid back, and what if it were online? I looked around a bit, but I couldn’t find one that met all my criteria- and I admit, I had quite a few. 

The thought became a question. I tweeted and tumbled to ask who would be interested in a chronic illness book club. The response was overwhelming, and Spoonie Reads was born. Even with the responses I’d had, I didn’t expect a turn out like I’ve gotten so far. With over fifty followers on tumblr and over seventy members on goodreads, and a budding hashtag (#spooniereads), it looks like I’ve struck a nerve in the community. 

I’m so excited to get started with this and connect with more chronically ill bookworms!


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