You might be chronically ill if:

Just a fun post today, inspired by my pre-syncope episode while putting on the compression stockings I bought to help prevent syncope. It’s moments like that when I truly know I am chronically ill. So, you might be chronically ill if:

  • when putting on your compression stockings is enough of a workout to send you back to bed.
  • when eight hours of sleep no longer seems like a reasonable, restful amount
  • when you know more about medicine than some of your doctors
  • you wear sweaters in the summer and tank tops in the winter thanks to poor temperature regulation
  • you know what “spoonie” and “dish” mean.
  • you are always the youngest person in the waiting room
  • yes, you have tried yoga.
  • you’ve planned outfits just to match the mobility devices you need that day
  • your purse could pass as a small pharmacy

What are some of your “chronically ill moments” like this?¬†


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