At least it’s not prednisone!

So, I’m back on Florinef. Florinef is a type of steroid. Steroids are known to make people hungry, cranky, and sometimes cry a lot. We’ve all got that down. You’ve all heard horror stories about binging while on prednisone.

Well, when I take prednisone, I go into full-on psychosis. Hallucinations, night terrors, crying, screaming, and then maybe eating a whole pan full of gluten free brownies. It’s hell. So why, oh why, do my doctors keep trying different steroids, hoping that I’ll react differently to them?

It’s true- Florinef doesn’t pull the reactions from me in quite the same way as prednisone, but it’s still no fun for me or the people around me. I get night terrors, crying jags, and intense cravings for burritos. All this for a minimally helpful treatment. What’s up with that?

I would never be that person who disses other people for taking medication. In fact, I’m all about medication when it helps. The problem is doctors/people that aren’t me deciding that since something worked really well for someone else, it’s going to be the end-all-cure-all for me. 


One thought on “At least it’s not prednisone!

  1. jcerrone says:

    I have the exact same thought on medications. It has it’s time and place for sure! So many people absolutely need medications. I’m on so many right now – but I HATE when people think it’s the end all be all. And I HATE even more when they just throw them at you when they don’t really know what else to do. That bugs the shit out of me!

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