Chronic Illness isn’t Cute

Everyone reading this is beautiful in their own right.  I’m a huge proponent of natural beauty,  and I rarely wear makeup. But after years of dealing with chronic illnesses, I know as well as any of you that sometimes, it’s hard to feel cute when you’re ill. Puffy florinef or prednisone cheeks, weird connective tissue disorder scarring, those dark circles under the eyes- and these are only a few of the things I notice when I look in the mirror. Throw in some chunky joint supports and my compression tights? I feel like a walking disaster.

I fimd self care so incredibly important because of this. Taking some time to pamper myself, put on some makeup, a cute outfit, and take some selfies? Some days thay works as well as calling my therapist. Some days it doesn’t,  of course, but hey- I’ll take small victories.

My favorite thing to do when I’m feeling down and ugly is take a relaxing bath. Burn a spa candle, add some pain-relief soak (bonus if it smells good), and relax while reading a book and sipping om some powerade so I don’t pass out. But not everyone can do this, so here are some other suggestions:

-take a walk, or go for a drive. A change of scenery can be just what you need if you’ve been stuck inside.
-do your makeup! Whether you want to go simple (a bit of mascara to open up tired eyes, sneakily applied blush makes your rash or flushing look intentional) or go for a full-on glamour look, the concentration for makeup can take your mind off your bad day, plus you’ll look fabulous at the end.
-Cook some comfort food! Or order in. You deserve it. You always deserve it.
-watch some movies, especially something funny. Nothing cheers me up like a classic Disney movie.
-Call or text a friend. I’m fairly sure studies have shown that talking to friends and family can lift your spirits. If they haven’t,  I’m sure it probably can’t hurt.
-get out of your pajamas. Even if you only put on “real pants” to go to the mailbox, it can be nice to pick out an outfit and try it on!
-read! Whether it’s your favorite blog, a news article,  or a novel, it gets your mind off whatever for a bit.

Obviously not everyone can do all of these tips, and that’s okay. You have to find what works for you! What do you do to get your mood and self-esteem up while dealing with chronic illness?


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