Sunday Snippets

I haven’t blogged in a while, so I decided to make a short post while suffering from painsomnia.

-How do the rest of you deal with painsomnia? Personally, I try to read, but sometimes the pain is too much, and sometimes I just can’t find anything that sounds good. I finished the two books from the Grisha Trilogy that are out so far, and I really enjoyed them, but the book I read next, “The Selection,” wasn’t as interesting to me. It might have been partly because I was in more pain while reading “The Selection,” which usually makes me think things are worse than they are.

-I’m now a contributor and twitter manager for my mom’s blog, ! If you like gluten free recipes, product reviews, and crafts, then be sure to check her out. All of the gluten-free recipes are tested by me, the picky celiac, and I have to say, they’re pretty good!

-I’ve recently had trouble digesting almost anything I ate, and suddenly developed an allergy to peanut butter. So far, supplementing with digestive enzymes and cutting out lactose has helped, but I’m waiting on a trip to the gastroenterologist. Has anyone else with celiac had this happen? I haven’t even been glutened, I just kind of…stopped being able to eat anything? 

– I have cool new things planned for this blog, and I’ll be live-blogging a trip to the Gluten Free Wellness Expo in Nashville this spring! More details on that as they come forth, but I’m excited there’s a gluten-free expo so close to me. This way I can try new products and recipes and spice up my gluten free life! I’m definitely tired of plain white gluten free rice, and skinless unseasoned baked chicken breast. (Currently my only two safe foods.)




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