A New Year

Although I’ve been chronically ill my whole life, this was my first year entering the online chronic illness community. You have all been a blessing to me and helped me so much with my “spoonie” status. Thanks to you guys, and my new tablet with voice recognition software,  I intend to be much more involved in the online chronic illness community, and to be more active on this blog in 2014.

I also decided to make a few “health resolutions” this year. Many people make resolutions to lose weight, or get healthy, and that’s fine, but I’ve always found these resolutions vague and hard to follow. I decided to make a few targeted resolutions, and make myself a list of ways I could follow them. Hopefully this will keep me from being disappointed at the end of the year when I look back at the progress I’ve made!

This year, my resolutions are:

1. Get involved with online patient advocacy.
The plan of action: be more active on this blog, attend more twitter chats, continue to be active on tumblr, twitter, and inspire.

2. Eat better.
The plan of action: since so many foods make me sick, it’s easy to slip up in a flare or at a restaurant and get something easy or quick or comforting,  only to get sick/sicker later. This year I plan to make safe foods when I’m feeling up to it, and not cheat on my food intolerances/allergies/celiac.

3. Spend “illness free time” with my fiance and family.
The plan of action: It’s easy for J and the family to get caught up feeling like my caregivers instead of my family. By recognizing my limits more, and respecting them, I can (hopefully) spend more time with my family that doesn’t revolve around my illness.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Are they affected by your illnesses or conditions?


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