Winter Wellness

Winter Wellness

Winter brings a special set of health woes. That’s why, every winter, I make myself a “Winter Wellness” box. I include lots of things I’ll need to stay healthy over the cold winter months, and a few treats for when the gloom and grey get me down!

As someone with Classical Ehlers Danlos, I have to take special care of my skin during the winter, when it’s even more prone to dryness and injury. For my lips, I use Vaseline Lip Therapy. It keeps moisture in, and the taste and texture keep me from licking my lips. I haven’t had any problems with dryness since I started using it. I also use Vaseline lotion, but you can use any kind- here I have Bodycology Vanilla Sugar, which smells festive.

Pain can also increase in the winter, so I always include some pain-relieving bath soak and a cooling eye mask. The cooling eye mask is great for migraines, puffy eyes, and dark circles. I found mine at Dollar Tree.

I put squeeze applesauce in my box, along with powerade, which is great for intense rehydration. As many viruses go around in the winter, it’s better to be safe than sorry. I also stuck a gluten free baking guide in my box, because cold, rainy days are perfect for working on your hobby. Mine is cake decorating!

Finally, as a treat, I have some comfy cat pajamas.

What would you include in your winter wellness pack?


2 thoughts on “Winter Wellness

  1. Definitely need to create a winter wellness pack for myself what a wonderful idea definitely borrowing this one!

    I’d include:
    -Cloudz neck pillow
    -Imak eye mask w/ ergobead
    -electric blanket
    -5 hour energy(not extra-strength eek)
    -body sanitary wipes
    – hand sanitizer and lotion
    -Ensure health drinks
    I’m sure there’s more but that’s my list for now!

    Thanks again for such an insightful post I never come up with such simple and creative ideas this should be fun!

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